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Ball Armor is a 2-step DISINFECT & PROTECT process designed to exceed the CDC recommendations for disinfection on commonly touched surfaces. The DISINFECT process will eliminate any virus and bacteria on the surface. When applying the PROTECT process, a protection coating is created to provide a continous barrier to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Ball Armor is FDA food contact approved. Products are safe for all surfaces from balls, to equipment, to the weight room, and beyond! 

We Disinfect using 

This EPA registered disinfectant is effective in the fight against COVID-19. It works by off-gassing and cleans from the inside out by penetrating small imperfections of the surface. 

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We Protect using 

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This EPA registered treatment mechanically inhibits the growth of microorganisms, further reducing the risk of cross contamination on surfaces. 

Use Ball Armor On: 

  • Athletic balls

  • Physical education equipment

  •  Recess balls 

  • Sports equipment

  • Team protective equipment

  • Weight rooms 

  • Gym equipment 

  • Door knobs & light switches

  • Desks, tables, & chairs

  • Telephones

  • Vehicles & Busses

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