Sanitizing Surfaces

The art of disinfecting & protecting 


The Pro3 team is committed to keeping our communities safe and healthy by offering our revolutionary disinfecting & protecting technology as a service for any and all facilities, businesses, and homes. Whether it’s an athletic program, school, salon, bar, restaurant, police department, daycare, hospital, factory, or even your home, we can provide treatment to disinfect and protect you to keep yourselves, staff, customers, family, and community safe from the harmful viruses and bacteria that rapidly spread among us.

OUr Process

How it Works

Using our sprayers, we first will spray the desired room down with our chemical-free, EPA registered disinfectant.  After letting the disinfectant dry for a brief period, we go back and spray the room down with our anti-microbial protectant that acts as a barrier and inhibits the growth of bacteria viruses. This protection coating lasts for up to 90 days!

Just like that, your business, facility, or home is DISINFECTED & PROTECTED!


Both of our disinfectant and protectant can be sprayed on any surface and leave NO residue.

Cost is determined by square feet of the room or building you want disinfected & protected. This will be discussed in a phone consultation when scheduling this service!

This service is for: 

We are proud to offer the service of DISINFECTING & PROTECTING to all facilities, businesses, athletic programs, and residential. Keep your customers, athletes, employees, clients, students, families, and community as safe as possible by providing an environment that is free of harmful germs, bacteria, virues...(and free of the dangerous chemicals found in commonly-used leading disinfectants. Pro3 Solutions is your safe & effective solution in the fight against viruses and germs.