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Hockey Armor Plus is a 2-step Disinfect & Protect process designed to reduce odor and eliminate viruses and bacteria. This strategy provides a lasting barrier that continuously inhibits virus and bacteria from surviving. Use it on all pads, helmets, skates, bags, and sticks. 

This System Includes:

Daily Disinfectant
Weekly Protectant
  • NO harmful chemicals

  • EPA registered disinfectant that eliminates virus & bacteria

  • Works by off-gassing and cleans from the inside out by penetrating small imperfections of hard or soft surfaces

  • Ultra pure chlorine dioxide with ZERO residue and no VOC's

  • Safe for any environment

  • Eliminates allergens, mold, and mildew spores


  • NO harmful chemicals

  • EPA registered treatment to mechanically inhibit the growth of microorganisms 

  • Patented antimicrobial surface treatment that forms a hypoallergenic shield

  • Serves as a barrier for protection between cleanings on high-touch/high-risk surfaces

  • Reduces the risk of contamination of surfaces

How to Use

Simply use Pure-FX to disinfect before, during, or after, practice and games. Use Penetrexx weekly to ensure a constant shield against virus and bacteria. Pure-FX and Penetrexx are safe for both athletes and equipment, ready for immediate use after application

This Package Includes:

Daily Disinfectant

The Hockey Armor package comes with two bottles of our Pure-FX daily disinfectant.This package is ideal for those who have purchased our Hockey Armor Plus system and need a refill on the daily disinfectant, but are not quite ready for a refill on Penetrexx (weekly protectant.)

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Ice Skates

The Ideal system Designed to effectively disinfect & Protect your hockey gear