Hockey ASSOCiation Fundraiser

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Hockey Armor is a new and simple SPRAY & WALK AWAY disinfectant designed to reduce odor as well as the spread of viruses and bacteria using NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. This process ensures the health and wellness of skaters and goalies! Use it on all pads, helmets, skates, bags, and sticks.

Ice Skates
Hockey Uniform
Ice Hockey Match

The Ideal system Designed to effectively disinfect & Protect your hockey gear

this System INcludes:

Daily Disinfectant
  • NO harmful chemicals

  • EPA registered disinfectant that eliminates virus & bacteria

  • Works by off-gassing and cleans from the inside out by penetrating small imperfections of hard or soft surfaces

  • Ultra pure chlorine dioxide with ZERO residue and no VOC's

  • Safe for any environment

  • Eliminates allergens, mold, and mildew spores


How to Use


Simply use Pure-FX to disinfect before, during, or after, practice and games. 


Plus Shipping & Handling

Protect your hockey players and earn money for the team!