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What is it?

Penetrexx is a highly effective biostatic/fungistatic/ algistatic surface treatment that is specifically designed to form a covalent bond on virtually any surface. This bond  creates a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier inhibiting the growth of odor causing organisms with broad spectrum  activity, effective against gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts.

PENETREXX® Antimicrobial imparts durable, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity to  the surface of a wide variety of substrates; it is leach-resistant and non-migrating and is not consumed by  microorganisms. It imparts a safe durable barrier that protects treated surfaces and is highly effective in extreme  temperatures and wet weather conditions. Increased efficiency—through proper application, durable bacteriostatic,  fungistatic and algistatic surfaces can be attained with a minimum amount of PENETREXX® Antimicrobial .

Penetrexx Antimicrobial

How does it work?


The active ingredient in the PENETREXX® ANTIMICROBIAL forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged  polymer, which chemically bonds to the treated surface, think of it as a layer of electrically charged swords. When  a microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, “spike” punctures the cell membrane and the  electrical charge shocks the cell. Since nothing is transferred to the now dead cell, the antimicrobial doesn’t lose  strength and the sword is ready for the next cell to contact it. Normal cleaning of treated surfaces is necessary to  prevent buildup of dirt, dead microbes, etc. which could cover the “spikes”, prohibiting it from killing  microorganisms. 


What is the difference between penetrexx and other Antimicrobials?

Conventional products are absorbed into living cells and kill by way of poisoning the organism. They are  designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly to avoid adverse effects to humans and animals due to their toxic  ingredients. Most commercial antimicrobials used for treating building surfaces do a great job of getting a quick  kill on bacteria and fungi, although most have a limited spectrum of effectiveness. The PENETREXX®  ANTIMICROBIAL technology takes a totally unique approach. It provides an effective antimicrobial barrier,  providing extended control of growth on treated surfaces between standard cleaning and disinfecting protocol.  The surface itself is modified to make it actively antimicrobial, with no need to reapply the product for 30 - 90  days.


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