Sanitizing Surfaces

The art of disinfecting & protecting 

about us

At Pro3 Solutions, our mission is to thoroughly DISINFECT & PROTECT facilities, homes, businesses, and athletic equipment.  We all want to stay safe in today’s world and whether it is COVID-19, MRSA, Strep, Influenza, C. Diff, viruses, or even mold, Pro3 Solutions has the most effective strategy for reducing the risk for infections.  By using the industry's most effective and patented technology, our goal is to keep people healthy, safe, protected. 


The Pro3 Solutions process utilizes the most modern techniques and products for eliminating and preventing the reformation of harmful virus and bacteria.  And because one of our main concerns is client safety, we use only EPA and FDA registered products.  By utilizing our system, Pro3 Solutions will provide a lasting disinfection and antimicrobial protection that kills and prevents the growth of virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Protection for homes, facilities, and athletics

Our Process