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The Complete system to disinfect & Protect your facility

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Pro Amor Complete is a 2-step DISINFECT & PROTECT process designed to exceed the CDC recommendations for disinfection on commonly touched surfaces. 

The DISINFECT process will eliminate any virus and bacteria on the surface. When applying the PROTECT process, a protective coating is created to provide a continuous barrier to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. 


Pro Armor Complete uses FDA food contact approved products that are safe for all surfaces including balls to equipment to weight rooms and beyond.  

This System Includes:

Daily Disinfectant
  • NO harmful chemicals

  • EPA registered disinfectant that eliminates virus & bacteria

  • Works by off-gassing and cleans from the inside out by penetrating small imperfections of hard or soft surfaces

  • Ultra pure chlorine dioxide with ZERO residue and no VOC's

  • Safe for any environment

  • Eliminates allergens, mold, and mildew spores


Weekly Protectant
  • NO harmful chemicals

  • EPA registered treatment to mechanically inhibit the growth of microorganisms 

  • Patented antimicrobial surface treatment that forms a hypoallergenic shield

  • Serves as a barrier for protection between cleanings on high-touch/high-risk surfaces

  • Reduces the risk of contamination of surfaces


How to Use

Simply use Pure-FX to disinfect before and/or after equipment is used. Use Penetrexx weekly to ensure a constant shield against virus and bacteria. Pure-FX and Penetrexx are safe for both athletes and equipment, ready for immediate use after application

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