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PureFX is ClO2, a chemical compound that is so powerful it can be diluted 200 times more  than bleach and still kill germs, bacteria and viruses at the same rate. It is a product that is so  safe that the FDA allows it to be used directly on food and is strong enough to kill E. coli,  MRSA, staph, Listeria and Coronavirus (Covid-19).  

As innovators in antimicrobial solutions, ORIN brings you the world’s most versatile and user friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitization and space deodorization. This easy to use, just-add-water patented delivery system offers a more intelligent and  environmentally sophisticated method for decontamination.

What is it?

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Why Choose PUre-fx?

• ClO2 is more chemically selective than bleaches, ozone, or peroxides. This means that it destroys unwanted microbes without burning or corroding surfaces. 

• ClO2 is a neutral molecule. This allows it to seamlessly infiltrate growths (such as biofilm) and destroy the inner-lying molds and spores. 

• ClO2 disinfects via oxidation. The chlorine dioxide molecule has an oxidation number 2½ times higher than bleach, ozone, and peroxide, which means that lower levels of ClO2 can accomplish the same disinfection applications as higher levels of these conventional chemicals. 

• Due to chlorine dioxide’s unique method of pathogen inactivation, viruses, bacteria, molds, and spores are unable to build up a tolerance to the ClO2 

• ClO2 has a high material compatibility and leaves no residual on hard, non-porous surfaces.

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Ideal for Disinfection/Sanitization application in:

• Food Processing Facilities 

• Laboratories 

• Morgues 

• Gymnasiums/Rec Centers 

• Hotels/Motels 

• Cruise Ships 

• Schools 

• Buses 

• Recycling Centers 

• Sports Arenas 

• Sports Gear 

• Home Use 

• Kitchens 

• Cafeterias 

• Restaurants 

• Breweries 

• Wineries 

• Health Care Facilities 

• Dental Offices 

• Veterinary Clinics 

• Long-Term Care Facilities 

• Ambulances 

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