​We all want to keep our athletes safe.  We make sure we have the correct fit on pads, that the helmets are the most current technology for minimizing concussion risks, and that we provide the appropriate support to protect joints.  But what about the things we can’t predict or even see?  There are currently extremely dangerous bacteria and viruses that live deep within the fibers on this protective equipment that can lead to serious health complications.

Annual reconditioning is simply not enough care for treating these hidden dangers.  Swabs and sprays only work as a topical treatment and can not penetrate deep into the fibers of the equipment.  Not to mention, by using the swabs and sprays, we are exposing skin to potentially harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations and reactions. 

Pro3 Solutions is the solution to guard our athletes against bacteria and viruses.  Through a technology process utilizing Ozone, which is 3000 times more effective than bleach, the process penetrates deep into the sports gear to kill many different strains of microorganisms. Whether it is MRSA, Strep, Influenza, C. Diff, viruses, or even mold, Ozone is the most effective form of treatment in reducing the risk for infections. 

The treatment is completely dry, which means no residual or skin exposure to any harsh chemicals.  A bonus side-effect also comes in the form of reduced smell.  Because many of the smells associated with athletic equipment are the direct result of these organisms, when the organism is killed, much of the smell will diminish as well.